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We have a short FREE questionnaire that will ask you a series of questions to help you better understand the risks facing businesses in the digital world.


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Free EU-GDPR Self Assessment Tool

A FREE tool for small business owners to assess themselves against GDPR compliance. This easy to complete questionnaire has questions and explanatory text with the option to purchase a GDPR recommendations report.

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Book a Data Threat Assessment

A Data Threat Assessment is an in depth diagnostic of your overall Data and Information Security posture. We will cover areas including your existing cyber defences, EU-GDPR compliance, data classification and generic business risks.

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We have a range of solutions designed to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes.

ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is the International Standard for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). It is applicable to any organisation where the misuse, corruption or loss of business or client information could result in a major commercial disaster. ISO 27001 will help your business implement a more robust approach to managing data, information and making ready for EU-GDPR. Simply Secure can now offer clients ISO 27001 as an option for full information security coverage. Contact us for details and pricing here.

Data Threat Assessments

Our innovative threat assessment covers 7 key business areas. We will attend at your place of work and ask a series of questions (you should allow 45-60 minutes for this first meeting). Your responses are  captured by us and stored securely. We are able to tell you on the spot what your risk rating is in each of the business areas. Within 7 days you will receive a comprehensive report from us highlighting the areas you should improve upon to lower your risk. We will provide you with recommendations and indicate where we can assist you to develop or improve your security. You are under no obligation whatsoever to use our services for remedial work.

Level 1

Attendance and provision of report


1-5 staff members £1000 plus VAT
Up to 15 staff members £1500 plus VAT
Over 15 staff members POA (costs of this product will vary according to complexity, numbers etc).

Level 2

Conformance audit

Should you wish to progress to a Level 2 assessment then we require you to provide evidence that you have corrected or mitigated any issues that arose in Level 1. Once completed we will provide you with a certificate of conformity.


Where remedial action is required this will attract further fees.

Level 3

Annual review
We recommend that we conduct periodic reviews of your conformity at least annually.


Legislation and procedures change frequently and we want to ensure you remain as compliant and secure as possible.


Forensic services

Suffered a data breach? Want to recover digital evidence?

We have forensic services that can uncover messages, images, documents, internet activity, files and meta-data to help build compelling evidence as part of your investigation. Our experienced forensic experts are ready to assist your investigations with a proven track record of successful prosecutions.

Deleted data – our team of experts can uncover information that has been removed from a variety of devices and would not be accessible or recoverable to the average user

Search and seizure – Assistance can be provided plan the strategy for the search, attendance at the search to assist with the identification of relevant devices, or on-site data-collection

On-site data collection –capture of ‘live’ data when it’s necessary to collect information at the scene rather than removing the device

Mobile phone forensics – forensic examination to uncover chat records, browsing data, notes, emails, images, videos and much more.

Expert forensic witness – our team are experienced in presenting compelling evidence to court

Threat Intelligence

Want to understand what is available to the cyber criminal and how they might use it against you? We have the skills, data and products to assist you react to threats.

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