Security threats and vulnerabilities are one of the biggest risks facing organisations today. Once relatively simple viruses, there are now hundreds and thousands of ways in which information security can be compromised through perimeter weaknesses.

But the threats are not just external. It is a well-publicised fact that at least two thirds of security breaches are caused from within an organisation. These can be due to misuse of systems or malicious intent, but many are due to vulnerabilities on operating systems and applications that have either not been addressed or identified.

With technology evolving at rapid rates and security threats even faster, it can be difficult to keep on top of internal and external vulnerabilities. That’s why it is important to carry out regular vulnerability assessments on your organisation’s network infrastructure.

Simply Secure provides a range Vulnerability Assessment Services to suit the varying needs of organisations, from both an internal and external threat perspective.

  • Vulnerability Assessment

A comprehensive 6 phase process designed to test the strength of your perimeter defences and ensure information is not exposed to potential hackers or other security risks. Assessments include footprinting, fingerprinting, research and penetration testing and culminate in a detailed report with recommendations. Once remediation has occurred, we also perform a re-test to ensure that all vulnerabilities have been adequately addressed.

  • Penetration Testing

A service aimed at testing perimeter security measures through a process of ‘Ethical Hacking’. Our Assessors will seek to penetrate a machine or number of machines in order to identify potential weaknesses and threats to information security.

  • Automated Vulnerability Assessments

A series of monthly, automated assessments designed to scan ports, identify applications, test against known vulnerabilities and report the findings. We add further value to this service through the addition of an expert Assessor’s comments on the areas that need addressing and flexible automation options.

  • Internal Network Assessments

Network devices are probed and information on traffic and vulnerabilities within the network is collected. Assessments are conducted via a secure connection. Analysis and reporting is performed directly on the data once the device is returned to ensure integrity.

All of our Vulnerability Assessment Services are conducted by fully trained assessors. Simply Secure does not provide remediation services to clients for whom we have conducted any vulnerability assessment, in order to maintain the integrity of our findings.

To discuss your Vulnerability Assessment requirements in more detail please contact us on 01624 618 175 or email


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